CIA Now Thinks Greece Military Coup Possible

On Monday, about 10 Members of Parliament were trapped inside the Parliament and couldn't get out. They tried to escape via the back door but some demonstrators discovered them!

Every day more and more people are gathered in the central squares of every city in Greece. On Sunday 200.000 people were in Athens only!!

Turkish daily Hurriyet, which paraphrases German Bild, which in turn references a CIA report, warns that Greece could face a military coup if the "tough austerity measures and the dire situation" escalate any further. On the other hand, one can avoid this belabored hypertextual chain and simply look at what happens practically every day on Syntagma square where yet again we are witnessing record numbers of people protest against what everyone now realizes is a dead end regime (luckily, in a peaceful manner, for now).

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