Vessel with 600 refugees Libyan sinks

Witnesses up to 600 refugees were feared dead after a ship trying to flee the Libya sank off the coast of the North Africa country, told the United Nations refugee agency. Spokeswoman Laura Boldrini said that the Agency is trying to confirm what happened to the passengers when the ship broke apart at sea Friday. Witnesses who had left the boat another shortly after reported having seen the broken ship apart and body floating in the sea. The vessel later arrived in Italy. Boldrini said boats Monday that three at least one other who left the Libya the last few months, responsible for migrants had never been to Italy. 

U.N.: Almost Everyone On Board Libyan Migrant Ship Dead

The United Nations says almost everyone on board a ship overloaded with migrant workers is believed to have died when the vessel broke apart within sight of the Libyan capital. The ship was carrying some 600 African migrants when it sank Friday. The U.N. refugee agency says there were a few survivors, but many of the ship's passengers did not know how to swim and some were trapped below deck.