See how close we are to world war 3

It is in my understanding that alciaduh was founded by Brezenski in 1979 to try to start a war with the Soviets. Then through out the 80s - present alciaduh has dome some dirty work for the United States government. Kosovo in the 90s to Libya present time this mercenary group is somehow connected to terrorism in the USA 9/11 first WTC bombing and Embassy bombings USS Cole ect...

From what i gather from what is going on in Pakistan is that Pakistan is getting angry with the United States for being in there region via alciaduh and the Taliban. The US military and the CIA are also in Pakistan drone bombings helicopter gunships constantly fly into Pakistan via Afghanistan to kill so called terrorist that might be working for the US Government or NATO.

My personal fear is that alciaduh will get a hold of who knows how many nuclear bombs through raids in Pakistan like the one the other day. If alciaduh does get a hold of a nuclear bomb and manage to get it to the USA to set it off how many more freedoms will we trade for so called fake security. Plus it would give NATO a reason to invade Pakistan. I do not think alciaduh could do such operation without outside help from traitors within our own military system.

If a nuclear device does go off in the west and if alciaduh is blamed and America with its NATO allies do invade Pakistan a Shanghai Cooperation Organisation member we could see all out World War 3 seeing as China and Russia are also in the same Multi National Security Pact as Iran and Pakistan. China selling 50 of there best fighter jets to Pakistan the other day to China having secret Milatary bases inside Pakistan. Pakistan telling America to leave its borders but America is not leaving.