NATO discusses ground operation, Libya promises hell

The aerial bombardment of Libya has reached a dead end, which has intensified talk among NATO members about a possible land operation, a move that threatens to escalate massively the violence that already exists there. The alliance's spokesman has admitted there is still little sign of progress for either side in the conflict, so there is a need for a new UN resolution to approve sending foreign troops in. In the meantime, civilian casualties from allied bombing continue to mount as fresh NATO air strikes have been heard in the Libyan capital overnight. At a video conference with Russian students, a NATO spokesman revealed his organization’s proposed solution: send in ground troops.

“The UN Security Council should adopt a new resolution on Libya. Resolution 1973 does not envisage land operations. We need a new resolution,” professed James Appathurai. Western forces planned that all along, says a leading US international law professor, Francis Boyle, of the University of Illinois.

“Clearly what we are seeing unfolding in Libya is a pre-existing war plan, by NATO, by the British, by the French, by the Americans to attack Libya,” Boyle claimed.