Alex Jones: Osama was CIA asset, killed years ago

On May 1 US President ordered a kill operation, sending in US Special Forces and Navy Seals to target and kill Osama Bin Laden – but is there more to the story? Radio host Alex Jones argued all major terrorists, including Osama Bin Laden, were trained by the CIA. They are friends with US military leaders and serve as double agents. He further argued terrorists are created by governments with the purpose of scaring the people into submission.

Osama Bin Laden was needed to be the boogeyman and that’s why we were in Afghanistan and Pakistan we were told,” he said. “At a time when were Pakistan is saying get your troops and drones out of here, at a time when they’re talking about extra-judicial assassinations attempted against Gaddafi, which are illegal, this is a way to sell it.”

The timing, he argued, is key. Not only did the government need to propel US support for efforts overseas, Obama also needed the boost for his reelection campaign and to help support the upcoming administration staffing changes with CIA Director Leon Panetta and Afghan Commanding General David Petraeus.

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