Are We in a HAARP "Earthquake War"?

1. Japan is Moving Towards Breaking Ties with the US:  the earthquake took place the day after the article broke. The video above shows that Japan has been threatened before by our "earthquake machine".  This one could have also been a "Russian" HAARP job that targeted the Okinawa military installation.
2. Haiti was possibly a test. Or it could have been the result of the Illuminati Psychopaths to continue their campaign of eradicating the Black race. The lack of an immediate response to the disaster makes this a very real possibility.
3. This Chili Earthquake will generate Tsunami waves that hit will Russia and China and possibly Japan very hard. It could have been a US HAARP event, or a Chinese one targeting Japan. I would tend to believe that the Chinese and Russians also want to send the Japanese a message.
If I am right, we are in for a whole slew of retaliatory HAARP induced earthquakes and Yellowstonewill be a primary target. 
I am almost near 100% certain on this one Folks.  You better make sure you are prepared.