22 protesters killed in Syria as anti-regime protests erupt in Syria

22 Syrian protesters killed: rights activist

DAMASCUS — At least 22 protesters were killed on Friday as anti-regime demonstrations and clashes with security forces raged around Syria, the head of the National Organisation for Human Rights said.


Egyptian protesters hold a giant Syrian flag with the slogan "God, Syria and freedom only" in support of Syrian anti-regime protesters as tens of thousands Egyptians gathered for a demonstration at Cairo's Tahrir Square on April 8, 2011, two months after president Hosni Mubarak was ousted, to demand that former regime officials including the veteran strongman be purged and tried. (Misam Saleh/AFP/Getty Images)
Protests across the Middle East turned violent Friday, with pro-democracy activists reportedly killed in Syria and Yemen, while Iranians and Saudis rallied in support of Bahraini reformists, and Egyptians gathered to voice demands regarding their own rulers.